Pieces of Mulholland

Crazy Quilt, 2022
The Mulholland Wildflower preserve was named after Elizabeth Mulholland, a founding member of the Finger Lakes Native Plant Society's (FLNPS). "At one point she supposedly walked there almost daily, and could point to a spot where a treasured species had bloomed years ago," (Finger lakes Native Plant Society). 
This same location, became a place of my investigation. A site that had drawn me in for several years. I noticed that I myself had walked through the Mulholland Wildflower preserve almost daily, just as Elizabeth did years ago. Pieces of Mulholland honors Elizabeth Mulholland, the history of this site, and shares my new perspective of this land. Inspired by Elizabeth’s quilts, I used fabric cyanotypes and locally sourced fabric scraps to capture Ithaca, NY. This quilt is a representation of my love for Six Mile Creek and the area along the creek where I feel at home.

Mia Brown-Seguin
Fine Arts        Ithaca, NY.